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 October 21, 2018

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Kids category - 21 Search results

Devorah`s Song & The Battle of Kishon - ON CD-ROM

Oppressed by the cruel Canaanites, the Jews turn to Devorah the Prophetess for her wise counsel. They miraculously defeat General Sisera and his legions - but can they capture Sisera before he has a chance to regroup?

Good Morning, Good Night

Jewish Children`s Songs For Daytime & Bedtime. The perfect music for waking up or putting to bed your 0-6 year-old. Featuring 6 songs for bedtime and 6 for morning from contemporary Jewish music`s biggest stars, including Fran Avni, Debbie Friedman, Judy Caplan Ginsburgh, Rick Recht and many more.

Jewish stories for children

What can be more enjoyable than a good story? What can be a more effective tool than such a story with a moral subtly woven into it? The stories in this book are crafted to grab a child`s attention and keep him asking to hear them again.

Jewish stories for children (ages 1-5)

The values that we all want our children to absorb - faith, kindness, forgiveness, charity - are made clear through traditional, biblical stories coupled with examples, and charming illustrations.

Jewish stories for children (ages 10-12)

Some history, some facts, and some Midrashim - all made unusually appealing and interesting, with beautiful full-color photographs.

Jewish stories for children (ages 5-8)

Finally, a tool that will help you explain the intricacies of the Jewish holidays to your children in a way that they will understand. In an entertaining, yet educational way.

Jewish stories for children (ages 8-10)

A wonderful collection of stories from our Sages and the great Torah and Chassidic leaders.

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