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 November 17, 2018

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YidWorld Judaica

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Shabbat play set
Quality crafted wooden play set, your little ones will love participating on Shabbat.
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Chanuka playset
Quality crafted, safe wooden playsets, Menorah, candles, latkes and more.
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Passover play set
Kids will love paticipating at the seder with the beautiful, wood crafted passover playset.
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Jewish holiday puzzles
High quality, holiday theme wooden puzzles won't wear out.
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All woodcrafted quality Judaica playsets

These unique playsets are crafted from high quality wood and are safe and child friendly. Your kids will love the Shabbat and holiday themes, role playing for hours on end. The Shabbat, Havdalah, Rosh Hashana, Chanukah and Passover sets all come with holiday specific accessories. Free shipping in the US!

Jewish Shopping Mall

Jewish Shopping Mall, the choice of smart Judaica shoppers. Torah, Kosher, Israeli products, books, music, software, holidays

Judaica Shopping

Judaica shopping offers the best in Judaic and Israeli Judaica, books, music, software, and more. Browse our growing list of categories and Jewish products or search by keyword. Finally the Judaica shopping site where you can find what you are looking for when shopping Jewish. At the Judaica shopping, we do our best strive to bring you the best in Jewish shopping.

Sabbath & Yomtov Lights, Unique,Fit most candlesticks & candelabras

A new,unique approach to the century-old custom.These are non-wax, non-smoking,non-dripping,time controlled (2-6 hours)lights. No clean-up, no maintenance, permanent wicks, require 99% pure liquid paraffin(supplied).Appeal to all ages,enhance your festive home and are packaged in an attractive gift-box.

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